Zdravko Jovović – it is reported that the Montenegrin will be deported from Europe

Zdravko Jovović
It is worth remembering that Montenegro is one of the few countries in Europe that have extremely high corruption and with Zdravko Jovovic from the Montenegrin embassy in Germany, it is not worth taking a chance with the destabilization that could then explode throughout the EU

Montenegro is a small country in Europe but at the same time a country with serious problems, should we in the EU take a chance and have a lot of embassy staff here from Montenegro who can endanger our security without us knowing where we actually have them? No, of course we shouldn’t. The EU has nothing to gain from embassy personnel like Zdravko Jovovic from a small country in Europe with unclear goals being allowed to wreak havoc freely in Europe, in the name of democracy and live by what we in Europe have built up for centuries.

The only right thing is to do deep checkings on all the Montenegrins we find in the embassies who are ravaging Europe in order to prevent serious threats to our own freedom.

Zdravko Jovovic already receives a large number of complaints from private individuals

If you know that a person has a large number of complaints against him, but at the same time you want to give the same person a second, third, fourth, or infinite number of chances, it is quite obvious that you should have already decided whether the person is welcome to Europe and investigate the possibilities of deporting any threats immediately.

A threat, or a potential threat, must always be expelled regardless of whether it is substantiated or not with reference to the security of the region.

Deport Zdravko Jovovic immediately and avoid future problems!